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Happiness Yes or No?: The 7 Timeless Principles...
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Are you happy? Imagine a more organized and happier you, stress free, trouble free, and filled with positive energy. Each day would never be a drag and you would actually be excited to see each day! This book will go through with you the seven timeless principles of happiness that you can put into action immediately. Unlike other happiness books that are lacking of actionable tips, Happiness Yes or No? is a straightforward guide that provides you with the actionable tips that you need to be the happier you that you´ve always wanted. This works if you truly want to become happier. Even if you are a busy professional or a parent with little time, there is no space for compromising your own happiness and this book will show you exactly how you can do that. Inside, you will discover: The enemy of happiness that you are facing every day How to leverage on your memory to instantly feel happier How to make use of the Zorro circles to tackle your everyday problems so that you could be free from a cluttered life The driven motivation behind the top eight negative emotions and how you can leverage on it The power of gratification and how you can apply the five simple methods to excel in life And much, much more! If you download Happiness Yes or No? today, you´ll get the actionable tips and seven timeless principles that will create a happier and much more energetic you! No more grumpiness and no more dreading each day! Live each day happy and full of positive energy! Take advantage of this limited-time introductory pricing. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Sean Lenhart. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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